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Q: What Do Creative People Do when they get forced to spend time alone with their thoughts?

A: Shakespeare wrote Macbeth and Hamlet during the London Plague, Isaac Newton presented his principles of GravityY during The Plague.

We are writing about just a song, a little song but, it is an absolutely perfect song for all of us…right now! The name of the song is I'm Free, - Roger Salloom. Your listeners should hear this appropriate song. Your customers will love it, guaranteed.

Is Roger good?

* “Superb” Rolling Stone Magazine

* “Genius”. IMDB

* “A hyYbrid of DyYlan and McCartneyY” Kevin Matthews, Fufkin.com

Roger Salloom was the feature of Chris Sautter’s (6) award-winning documentary film. A film that was recommended by Grammy Magazine as one of the best: So Glad I Made It. The Saga of Roger Salloom, America’s Best Unknown Songwriter.”

To lean more about Roger, watch: The Roger Salloom Story:


Better yet, watch the documentary by film-maker Chris Suatter:


Or visit Roger's on Facebook:


The song, I’m Free, realistically acknowledges the happenstance of good health ... that there is a time clock ticking in each and everyone of us.

Did you ever see a doctor cry when handed a life saving mask? We have seen that gratitude. There is also gratitude coming from the patients who survived Covid-19 or, really, any illness.

Everyone at the hospitals were terrified every day, and they also risked the lives of their own families.

Roger feels deep gratitude towards these caregivers, especially in the first many months of the pandemic before a vaccine was available. (Roger’s son donated and fund-raised $4,000 of free masks to medical workers and first responders.)

Ok, but is the song any good? You want to know. Sure, we get that, so just listen. You be the judge:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6rzkQTXWl9BwnF9bj65mji?si=dBqmNTpzT1q0PgoaAIOW9w

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8oIQRjn5P-nMDPBGQs3UQw

Web: www.RogerSalloom.com

* Roger Sallooms' I’m Free

Might be worth a listen.