Meditation Medication
Meditation Medication

Close your eyes lets take a trip
Times an illusion, breathe in deep
We are going in to meet yourself
Never fear, love is here to help

Understanding the ways of the soul
Helps when traveling the cosmic zone
Buddha Shiva and Jesus all exist in you
You can tap into them, they’ll help sail you through

Sit alone and focus on your breath
No outside world, just I, me and myself
The longer you sit the stronger you get
Power within every cell from your feet to your head

All your dreams will come true, when you are conscious of the God in you
Connecting the mind, body and soul, will leave you feeling whole.

Love is life, love is free, love is vibration
Loves a healer, love saves, loves kind and patient
Love is tender, love is happiness, love is all around
Love is generous, love is boundless, all you need is love

Love is the way, love is the truth, love is omnipotent
Love is magic, loves a high, Love is complicated
Love is infinite, Love is the cosmos, Love shouldn’t make since
Love is sex, love is harmony
Love is in the air