Imagine Breakdown
Imagine Breakdown

There used to be a time where the whole world was free
No visas no passport no boundaries
Talk about it now they call you a mad man
John Lennon sang about it, just said imagine

How much can we carry, how much can we buy
Life’s easier when we don’t try

The path to world peace is a very long one
Madness world peace, who’s going to buy our guns
Reality begins with consciousness and awareness
If we know what we want together we can make it

If everyone wished for peace instead on a T.V
World peace would be a reality
The poets have spoken, a revolution has begun
As we approach closer to the sun

Heaven and hell are different frequencies of vibration
It’s also an idea created by man for world domination
The goal in life is happiness, like the truth it sets you free
With the universe follow you destiny, the byproduct is a lot of money