Brighter Days
Brighter Days

Does peace stand a chance without a weapon to fight back?
Is history repeating itself? Like Vietnam and now the war on Iraq
Are we stuck in a loop? Don’t we learn from our mistakes?
Lennon, Gandhi and Martin Luther King were shot trying to save the human race

Peace prayer and positivity versus death, heartache and pain
Who would choose the later? Osama, Nixon, Bush and Sadam Insane
These angels of death would carry on and not know they were wrong
But we can stick together because together we are strong

Why can’t they just tell us the truth?
Forgive our politicians they know not what they do.
Their greed has overwhelmed them, they can’t see very clear
Let love our enemies, live without any fear.
Let pray that our children’s children see brighter days after we’re gone

We want peace and not war, but our politicians won’t reply
Muslim, Christian or Jew. No mother wants to see her son die
This world wants to end the misery, so let’s end the misery
But all he can say is that he’s doing the best for his country

We got people starving in the world but he wants to go to war
What’s more important than feeding everybody and keeping them secure?
I think the worlds gone mad but I haven’t given up on it yet.
Till the money used for weapons is used to end starvation
It can happen if we all pitch in