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David became interested in music in the 1960's from the ages of fifteen to seventeen when his father first bought him a keyboard and then a guitar.The hobby soon grew from playing in local groups for fun to touring universities in the UK, playing the Cavern Club, Liverpool, to finally around 1968 touring army camps in Germany.On one occasion he was in one of the two supporting acts to Black Sabbath at the Star Club in Hamburg. In one way or another he has always had some involvement with music, even moreso when he joined another local band and met Maxie who was singing lead vocals.They married in 1970, and now have a son and a daughter and two grandsons.

Maxie is a published poet since the age of fifteen. Her poetry has appeared in numerous anthologies and on the internet. Serundal was born out of a combination of love for music, poetry and Celtic heritage. Since the release of their first album Transitions in 2006, they have gained a loyal fanbase and enthusiastic reviews.

Leylines review
author: Pete Brown
Serundal - CD - Leylines ( 'Leylines' by Serundal is the prequel to the story of the Legend of Serundal and is intended to promote the trilogy of albums on the theme of the legend and The Kingdom Of Roth, 'Ab Initi' being the first in the series. I'm impressed with 'Leylines' and I marvel at the creativity and productivity of Serundal and their beautiful visionary epic. Serundal's website tells of "A Celtic World of Music Poetry and Magic" - and, make no mistake, that's exactly what you get! 'Leylines' actualy feels more cohesive and generally more confident than 'Ab Initi' (and that was pretty damn impressive!!); there's a fantastic flow to this work; it drifts effortlessly along and seems to cradle you in its being. Superbly laid back but offering a warm place to go on a dark autumn's night, 'Leylines' is evocative, descriptive, at times haunting and at others, hypnotic. Everything's just so smooth and peaceful sounding - it's a wonderfully dreamy work that reminds me in parts of Mike Oldfield, in other parts Renaissance, then I hear Sonja Kristina, Sandy Denny, loads of famous names come to mind but actually it's all just Serundal! It's wonderful!! Serundal have done a bloody good job with 'Leylines' - their story telling prequel to the trilogy is magnificent and as a stand-alone work it's equally as compelling and works just as it is. I don't know how long Serundal have taken to get this far but 'Leylines' feels as though an awful lot of heart and soul has been put into it; it's beautifully polished, it's maturely composed and performed, it's thoroughly entertaining and extremely enjoyable. Serundal should be very proud of what they've achieved here. I really hope 'Leylines' does its job and Serundal can get their trilogy out there and accepted - it thoroughly deserves to be successful. 'Leylines' is a splendid piece of work and bodes well for the second and third release in their epic aural adventure. Great work, beautiful to behold, remarkably assured and relaxingly tantalising. Peter J Brown aka toxic pete ( (Rhythm & Booze rating 10)

author: Karen J Brady
"Lady of the Isles" by Serundal There is something captivating in the sounds of Serundal. With the collaboration of this husband and wife team, the music of Serundal is an eclectic blend of progressive folk with Celtic and ethnic influences. This singer/songwriting combination produces a haunting sound that carries the listener back to the days of old. Their latest album, "Waiting Rooms" was released last month. This CD will take you on a journey through time, through Medieval England and King Arthur's Court. It is music for listeners with souls that love to dream. Karen J. Brady Celticmp3 Music Magazine September 2006.

author: Peter J Brown (
Serundal - CD - Ab Initi (The Trilogy - part 1) ( Serundal are husband and wife team, David (guitar, bass, keyboards, synth, vocal harmonies, producer and arranger) and Maxie (lyrics and lead vocals) King and this family that plays together certainly know what they're doing! 'Ab Initi' is an extremely well rounded and beautifully relaxing piece of nu-folk. Seemingly, the first part of a trilogy of such works it is, I suppose, what we used to call a concept album based around an unfolding tale based around the Kingdom Of Roth. Serundal create "A Celtic World of Music, Poetry and Magic" that's superbly crafted and blissfully easy to listen to. The album has mildly hypnotic tendencies that carry you away to a different place. If that place doesn't turn out to be (the otherworld known as) Serundal, it'll certainly take you on your own mystic voyage of fantasy and 'otherworld' influences. 'Ab Initi' is seductive and relaxing. It's a longish work with just eight excellent tracks taking up one hour of your valuable time. Listen to this work and it'll be time well spent; let Serundal caress you with their musical dreamscapes, let them take you into their otherworld - the benefits are many-fold. Serundal have composed a richly evocative work here; David's musical composition has the feeling of being truly understanding of what and where Maxie's poetic words have created, he's managed to provide an empathetic backdrop that suggest he's actually walked through her magical landscapes and taken in everything he's seen and experienced. Here is a couple who understand and compliment each other. A couple that are totally on the same wave-length. Initially I thought that David had over-used the synths a touch but I soon came to realise that it's those synths that help to conjure up the trance-like backdrop that is part and parcel of Serundal's creation. David plays with breathtaking precision and allows Maxie to weave her spell with beautiful diction and stunning sensitivity - it's a massively impressive coming together of two creative forces into one sublime musical entity. David composes and plays with a depth and sensitivity not unlike some of the best works of Mike Oldfield and Maxie reminds me of a laid back Annie Haslam and Enya Brennan in her ability to get her lyrics across effortlessly and precisely. The Celtic influences are not too far removed from what Clannad did; equally calming and just as easy to listen to. 'Ab Initi' is breathtakingly cool and mind-numbingly passionate - Serundal do a magnificent job here and don't fall into the trap of being self-indulgent even though 'Ab Initi' is their very own mystical creation. 'Ab Initi' is a pleasure to behold; just let it wrap itself around your person, breath in its intoxicating soundscapes, access the magical world of Serundal, sit back and enjoy this for exactly what it is - a beautifully composed and performed piece of lightly Celtic nu-folk - quality through and through - hypnotic, heady and just great entertainment. Impressive stuff from an equally impressive duo - Serundal and 'Ab Initi' could just take over where Clannad left off! Peter J Brown aka toxic pete ( (Rhythm & Booze rating 10)

In august 2007 Serundal was a featured artist on with the track 'My Inuit' from the album Visions. In September 2007 'Snowy Owl' from Ab Initi was chosen as an editor's pick on Most recently from the three songs (Water of Life' 'Lady of the Isles' and 'The Storm' ) posted on in June 2007 'Water of Life' and 'Lady of the Isles' have moved on up through three tiers of folk radio stations to reach the songvault radio directory. They are the first tracks to achieve this from the folk charts and have done so in competition with many other fine musicians while drawing votes and maintaining chart positions for many months. Currently 'The Storm' is number five in the Folk Top Hits radio the final tier before the songvault directory. Within two days of posting 'The Sword of Lunamar' from the latest album 'Leylines' is number one in the first tier Folk Showcase radio and the tracks Lady Elena and The Chain are following close behind.

Many listeners have commented that our music is 'very cinematic' and the track 'Incantation' is a firm favourite with soundtrack fans on In view of this we are now interested in licensing our music for films, commercials or any other similar genre.

2008 update. Serundal tracks 'Lady of the Isles' from the album Waiting Rooms (2006) 'Water of Life' from the album Endgame (2006) and 'My Inuit' from the album Visions (2006) are now ranked nos 1, 2 and 3 in the Songvault radio station and directory and will now receive permanent live airplay. In order to achieve this they have had to compete with hundreds of other artistes, receive votes from listeners and maintain their chart position through four radio stations over many months.
To date Serundal currently has seventeen songs all maintaining relatively high positions in the various songvault radio stations.
In Visions is rated as five stars by listeners and is one of the most downloaded albums in this genre.
In Serundal's album Moonstone has been chosen as an editor's pick.

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