Every Second Beat Of My Heart
Every Second Beat of my Heart (Nadine Budge, Bree Hartley)

He sits in his old chair just counting the hours till its light
No, these days he don’t sleep much, he knows he’s on borrowed time
When he looks at her picture his mind wanders off to the past
And he knows it’s not long till he sees his beloved at last

From the moment he saw her he knew that she’d stolen his heart
And they never broke the promise they made, ‘til death do us part
And he swore on his children he’d love her with all his might
Now he’s alone in his old chair just waiting on the first light

Have I been a good, have I been a good man
Tried to never do you wrong right from the start
And I knew I’d always love you
As if you were every second beat of my heart

Now the days of the week they don’t mean much to him any more
Now his minds an old movie that plays over the scenes from before
Before she left his world and left him without his best friend
But he wouldn’t have her back ‘cause he couldn’t bear to lose her again