Lover Where You Going
LOVER WHERE YOU GOING captures the moment in a relationship where one partner says, "Hey, let's settle down and raise a bunch of kids" while the other partner says, "Look, this has been great, but I’ve gotta be somewhere." Bree Hartley (drummer with Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife) adds some percussion to this track, while Nick O'Mara (Raised By Eagles/Amarillo) sparkles away on the steel guitar.

Performed by The Stetson Family: Nadine Budge (vocals, guitar, dobro), John Bartholomeusz (vocals, guitar), Colin Swan (banjo, backing vocals), Andrew Carswell (mandolin, backing vocals), Luke Richardson (double bass, backing vocals).

Special guests include: Gleny Rae (fiddle 2, 3, 5, 9), Liz Stringer (backing vocals 2, 11), Suzannah Espie (backing vocals 3), Bree Hartley (percussion 4, 6), and Nick O’Mara (resonator guitar 3, steel guitar 4).

Produced by Nadine Budge & Colin Swan | Engineered by Colin Wynne at Thirty Mill Studios, Brunswick and Colin Swan at The Stetson Family Ranch, Coburg | Mixed by Nadine Budge & Colin Swan | Mastered by Ernie Rose & Colin Swan | Artwork & Cover Design by Jen Huntley