Lover Where You Going
Lover Where You Going (John Bartholomeusz)

Lover, where you goin’ now?
When the grape is on the vine
You’re off to play a show in town
Or some such waste of time
Lover, where you goin’ now?
I see your bags are packed
Your heart is on the easy road
And you ain’t comin’ back

Take a look at this farmhouse
We built with our own hands
With a couple of extra rooms
For the family we had planned

Take a look at these photographs
You hung up on the wall
We fit together like a hand in a glove
Until the highway called
A familiar stranger called

Flash forward to Saturday night
You’re playin’ in the big saloon
Trading shots with the city boys
Sleepin’ in someone’s room

Take a last long look at this farmhouse
That couldn’t hold you down
When the seasons turn and the crops come in
You’re nowhere to be found
You just ain’t the settlin’ kind