Haunted Hills
Haunted Hills (Nadine Budge)

Brother don’t go, brother don’t go
Into the Haunted Hills

‘Cause old Jack Quidon, he’s 97
But he remembers the date way back in ‘38
It was the 15th of May, and to this very day
No-one can say what took Old Diamond away

So brother don’t go to the hills tonight
There’s a ghost on the wind and somethin’ ain’t right
There’s a howl in the trees, I’m beggin’ you please
Don’t go to the Haunted Hills

Then six years later there’s young Jimmy Slater
Had a newspaper round in the very next town
He waved to his mother, said I’ll be home by supper
Rode off up the track - and he never came back


There’s rumours around about a man leaving town
The story’s been told he went out huntin’ gold
Now his horse can be seen runnin’ hungry and mean
Through them old hills at night when the moon’s shinin’ bright