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S.Y.T.I. 13's Bio

The Making of S.Y.T.I.13

If you were to look up "musical genius" in any dictionary, you would find a picture of....
These infamous initials stand for "see you through I" and 13 is the number since that's
the day he was born. Not only was S.Y.T.I13 born on the 13th, but he was born on
Friday the 13th
which to some may be a very unlucky day for superstitious reasons. It's quite the
opposite for S.Y.T.I. because 13 has always been a magical and lucky number for him.
Born in Brooklyn and raised in Broward County Florida, S.Y.T.I. was destined for musical success
since birth. At a very young age, he found himself gravitating toward art and music
and also wanting to know how to take apart and reassemble electronic devices such
as radios and televisions. His curiosity behind how these electronics work played a
huge part in helping to develop him to be the platinum producer he is today.

S.Y.T.I. Is more than a triple threat because he not only writes lyrics and produces beats,
but he's also an MC who mixes and masters as well. Through all of his trials and
tribulations music was then and still is his only outlet and mental sanctuary. The tough
times, that S.Y.T.I. endured throughout his childhood help build the half man half machine
known today as S.Y.T.I .13

As an older teen, S.Y.T.I .13 was offered his first recording contract, which he declined with
a major record label and continued to hone his craft and grow as an artist all the way around.
After many performances, numerous amounts of production and material created, he created
and headed "the Legion" which at that time had well over 700 members. Now ripe in every
aspect musically possible S.Y.T.I .13 is ready to unveil himself to the world and take it on at
the same time. He knew that he didn't want to be just an MC or just a producer, he wanted
to do it all.... which is exactly what he's doing today.

In the summer of 2007 S.Y.T.I .13 entered a competition for a $100,000 prize on loud.com.
Although the judging became a little suspicious, one good thing came out of this battle
competition, the doors to his future opened. S.Y.T.I .13 met fellow MC Sibil known as
"Judi Jetsunn" on loud.com. Sibil had started her own record label, "Unique Entertainment"
and had released , her first album independently and was now preparing to release her
sophomore album. Sibil and S.Y.T.I .13 immediately gravitated towards each other, because
you know how the saying goes, "real recognizes real". They began creating collaboration
projects together almost immediately, at which point they realized there was an undeniable
musical chemistry between them, which could change the game of hip-hop forever.
S.Y.T.I .13 had the production and Sibil had the record label so the two immediately decided
to join forces at which point they created the "Unique Entertainment All-Starz"

Not only did the two become partners in Unique Entertainment, but they also took it a step
further and created their own production team as well called the "Zodiac Killa'z" which
S.Y.T.I .13 is the head of the production team, also known as "Capricorn". The pair recruited
several MC's as well as producers to create a small army, ranging from all ages and all races
to all parts of the country. The sound being created for "The All Starz" is both fresh and
innovative and may be the last chance at rejuvenating a dying hip-hop game before all is lost.

This is why when you look up "musical genius" in the dictionary you see a picture of S.Y.T.I .13.
MC, producer, writer, mixer, master, record label executive and head of production team,
S.Y.T.I .13 is far from slowing down. He is executive producing "The Unique Entertainment All-Starz"
compilation album, which is set to drop before Christmas. He will also be dropping his own
single on mischief night of 2007 as well as his debut album, "Dante's Inferno", which is set to
release on his birthday... January 13, 2008. Be on the lookout for the man behind the music

because the man behind the music is always on the lookout for you!!!


It ain't safe no more!!!!

Sibil's Bio

The Birth of the Siblings

The year is 1994 and Sibil is institutionalized somewhere in New Jersey. She's been diagnosed as a "maniacally depressed psychotic schizophrenic." After close evaluations by some of the nations top doctors and specialists, therapy and medical treatment…..Sibil is released even though she's permanently suffering from mental illness. Sibil is released to the streets of Newark, NJ where she then takes on the personality of "Raa-D the whiplasha." Raa-D is a Headhunta' who strictly represents the streets which she likes to refer to as the junglehood. Fatigued down in camouflage, she keeps it real until 1999 when thugged out quickly transforms into futuristic and Raa-D is abducted by aliens. The aliens rename Raa-D and unveil her to the galaxy as "Judi Jetsunn." This blonde bombshell is given a mission to take hip-hop into a new direction and up the standards. Judi Jetsunn accepts the mission after being threatened with self-destruction by aliens. When her mission is completed, the aliens keep their word and send Judi back……only they send her back too far! The year is 3000b.c. and Judi Jetsunn has now transformed into "Rozetta Stone" the key to communication. Rozetta Stone's mission is to break barriers with her ancient Egyptian spiritual aura and knowledge of the future, the aliens finally get it right and send Rozetta Stone to the year 2005 where she is transformed into Jetti Stone. Jetti Stone is the past, present, and the future. The combination of Judi Jetsunn, Rozetta Stone, and herself. She's living in the present and enjoying life. The clubs, the music, the love and just feeling over all sexy. After getting her party on for some time, Jetti Stone assumes the personality of the final sibling…..Sandy Brown "the widow." Sandy Brown, the workin' motha' husslin' rapper, is the well balanced combination of all of the above. The single mother is all about her and her daughter. Both mentally strong, and well educated, Sandy Brown represents stability. Now with all of this in mind it brings us to one major questio…..which one of these completely different women represents "the real personality?" That's for you to decide.

Lucky Charm's Bio

Lucky Charm is the talented voice behind many hooks on her mother's upcoming album "The Siblings of Sibil part one." Sibil's daughter "Lucky Charm" was born into music, literally. Since birth she accompanied her mother to 99% of her studio sessions and was even sampled on a song at 3 months old. Her first rap verse was featured on her mother's first album entitled "The World Revolves Around Judi Jetsunn" and the song is entitled "The Sugar Plum Fairy." It captured the hearts of many. Lucky Charm recorded this song at the age of 7 in only one take, which blew away the producers and engineers in the session. Now you can hear Lucky Charm, who not only raps, but sings as well on the hooks for Hip-Hop Today (she actually wrote the hook), Jetti R U Ready, Daddy Dearest, and Me & My Kid (Which she raps and sings on) off of her mother's (Sibil) album "The Siblings of Sibil part one" set for release 9-27-07. Model, Dancer, Violinist, Writer, Poet, Songstress, and MC...watch out for Lucky Charm. New music coming soon!!!! Believe that!

Young Ingle's Bio

Young Ingle
A True Rags to Riches Story

Young Ingle, who was born Samuel Deunsing grew up in a city called Ingleside,
a tiny town which was mainly composed of tiny shacks and houses that are
falling apart. Growing up was definitely noteasy for Young Ingle who lived
under extremely poverty-stricken circumstances until the age of 11. Now
he's only at the tender age of 14 and is viciously pursuing a career in hip-hop
and may just be the baddest young teen mc since Lil Bow Wow! Don't get it
twisted though, there's nothing immature or childish about his style, flow,
production, or lyrics. As of now, his parents got better jobs, and he
now resides in the city of Zion, Illinois which he loves. He's thankful for all
God's blessings that have been bestowed upon him and his family. Through
legal complications, poverty and hard times, Young Ingle developed a style
that will cause all other young rappers to step up their game up. The first
rhyme he ever wrote was actually good, which is unheard of for anyone in
the hip-hop arena.

In the summer of 2007 Young Ingle entered a battle rap contest online,
where he was taken under the wings of CEO of Unique Entertainment's,
Sibil the Unsivil and SYTI13 aka "Capricorn" of the Zodiac Killa'z production
team. Now having an independent record label behind him as well as
a top-notch platinum production team, Young Ingle has nowhere to go but
up from here. So be on the lookout for this teen threat on his upcoming
compilation album with the rest of the Unique Entertainment All Starz,
a group consisting of all of Unique Entertainment's hip-hop artists
collectively. He is also working on his solo album so make way for the
teen phenomenon the world refers to as.....

"Young Ingle"

"It ain't safe no more!"

Scorpio's Bio

Get Acquainted with Scorpio Of the Zodiac Killa'z Production Team

Born on October 24, 1983 Scorpio of the Zodiac Killa'z production team was destined for stardom.
He lived in many different locations, including Louisville, K. Y. , Memphis, T.N, Charlotte, N.C., Tampa, F. L.
Phoenix, A.Z., Colorado Springs, C.O., Tucson, A.Z. and Columbus, M.S. in that order. In 2002 Scorpio
graduated high school in Phoenix, and it was then that his best friend who was into hip-hop at the time ,
introduced him to a couple music generation programs to make beats. As a spoof, Scorpio and his friend
then formed a hip-hop group known as "Bufalay" which is defined as wack or lacking talent in the urban
dictionary. At that time their major influences were Gang Starr and Scorpio's friend was GURU, leaving
Scorpio to be the infamous DJ Premier.

After that Scorpio went on to DJ hip-hop club events and parties, which were mostly underground and less
mainstream hip-hop. He dabbled in the game for a couple years before moving on to The Air Force Academy
in Colorado . He graduated in 2006 with a Social Sciences degree but being that the Academy did not cater
to those with artistic abilities Scorpio felt severely oppressed by not being able to exercise his musical
creativity. Unfortunately, his growth as a producer was stifled for those four years at which point Scorpio
realized what his destiny was... music!!!

After graduation, his first Air Force assignment was in Tucson, Arizona at which point he began making beats
again on a regular basis. Scorpio sought out a few talented artists on my space and has been producing
tracks for them ever since. He produced a few demo albums for local Tucson artists, and also the gospel
hip-hop group, "Divine Power " out of Atlanta, Georgia. He later moved to Columbus, M.S. for pilot training at
which time he was relieved of duty due to a basketball injury to the shoulder. Scorpio once again took
advantage of this free time and has continued to build himself in many genres of music as a producer. In 2007
he bumped heads with "SIBIL the Unsivil" and "Capricorn" of the Unique Entertainment record company and
Zodiac Killa'z Production Team. Now one of the heavy hitters behind several artists on the labels production,
Scorpio has yet again started on a new journey toward musical stardom. His combination of neo-soul, old
school hip hop, R&B and Southern style hip-hop give him a unique sound of his own.

So be on the lookout for Scorpio....

U.E./ Z.K. "It Ain't Safe, No More".

Yung Clik's Bio

Who is Yung Clik?

Lately the saying has been hip-hop is not dead it lives in the south and
Yung Clik is definitely proving this to be true. Born and raised in Orlando,
Florida at the energetic age of 17, Clik is definitely putting Florida on the
map with his sick swagger and humorous punchlines. He attends both
high school and is also enrolled in college courses, majoring in journalism.
Clik not only writes music and poetry, but his dream is also to write for
Rolling Stone magazine one day.

In the summer of 2007 Yung Clik entered a battle rap contest via Internet
at which point he immediately connected with SYTI13 and Sibil, the CEOs of
the Unique Entertainment, and the Zodiac Killa'z production team. Now that
he is backed by an independent label and platinum team of producers, Yung
Clik is bound for success. He is currently a member of the U.E. All Starz,
which oris all of the artists on Unique Entertainment collectively. The All Starz
are currently in the process of recording a compilation CD, which is set to
release for Christmas. At the same time he's also working on his solo album,
which does not yet have a release date. Yung Clik is on the rise like the
cost-of-living and you'll be hearing more from this artist sooner than later.
He's the buzz of the South and they call him...

Yung Clik

"It ain't safe no more!"

The D.A.K.'s Bio

Get to Know the D.A.K.

Unique Entertainment is proud to introduce The D.A.K. out of
Gainesville sleuth member of the infamous U.E. All Starz,
D.A.K. got his start in hip-hop in the early 90s, and proceeded
to join the Marines in November of 1995. He went to boot camp
on Paris Island in South Carolina and attended Marine Corps
training at Camp Devil Dog in North Carolina. From there D.A.K.
went to communication school at 29 Palms, California and was
stationed in Hawaii from 1996 to 1999. In 1997 D.A.K served
our country in Japan, which was his first time overseas, and
he spent 6 1/2 months in Okinawa, Japan during which time
was spent at Camp Fuji. He also spent a little time in Tokyo and
Korea, on field OP's.

From 1999 until now, the DAK has been perfecting his craft as
an MC and went on to perform with his group 211 in Athens,
Georgia at club "Insomnia", a very well known hotspot. In the
spring of 2007 he entered a competition for a battle rap on
loud.com and caught the attention Of Unique Entertainment's
Sibil and S.Y.T.I13, he was then recruited as a member of
The U.E. All Starz. Their first smash hit, collaboration has been
bringing major heat to the industry. The D.A.K. combines his
militant like, drill sergeant delivery with witty concepts on his
solo project which he is currently working on. You can look for
the single sooner than later and best believe that the coined
phrase of Unique Entertainment is definitely applicable to......
"The DAK." So be on the lookout!!

"It Ain't Safe No More!"
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