D. Vaccaro

I was sitting at home one night
I was watching my T.V.
When a man comes on the screen and tries to sell me a SUV
Say’s it’s bigger than Idaho, and it’ll carry all my stuff
And he guaranties it’s bigger than my neighbors, as if it wasn’t big enough
He goes on to tell me about it, as if maybe I might buy
With his cash down this, and his APR that, and the sales only good while supplies still last and…

I want to know what you’re talking about
I shouldn’t have to try and figure it out

I got me a cell phone so that
I could talk to all my friends
Got my self a thousand free minutes
You know I’m never ever going to reach the end
Then I got my cell phone bill and
It was sky high, through the roof
And when I went to bring that cell phone back
He said, “You got a 3-year contract Jack”.


Don’t you know that there’s always a disclaimer
When you thought it was a simple no brainer
There always seems to be some kind of condition
You better take the time to read the fine print
Cause what you see ain’t always what you get.

Well that’s my story friends
And I hope I save you time
Before you go and spend, go and spend even one thin dime

They’ll try and take your money
They’ll try and rob you blind
So when they ask you to sign in black
You go ahead and push that contract back and…