Now That's A Song
Written by Bob Minner and Shawn Lane
Missouriboy Music, BMI / Cat Town Records, BMI

Glen Harrell - Lead Vocals, fiddle
Colby Laney - Guitar, Vocals
Patton Wages - Banjo, Vocals
Chris Williamson - Bass
Jacob Burleson - Mandolin, Vocals

Produced by Mark Hodges, Aaron Ramsey and Glen Harrell
Recorded at Mountain Fever Studios

Volume Five is coming out of the gate strong with "Now That's A Song," the first single from their new album. "I had been looking for a good uptempo song and contacted Bob Minner to see if he had anything fresh to send me," says Glen Harrell. "This one caught my ear right away and I thought 'now that's a song.' A few moments later, after reaching the chorus, I realized that was actually the title of the song! Bob co-wrote this with Shawn Lane and we think it's a winner!"

With an unexpected, almost subtle dobro kickoff, "Now That's A Song" blazes into a spirited, straight-up bluegrass melody supporting a sweet lyric telling of a long-time love. Harrell's lead vocal moves flawlessly with the words while the makeup of V5 proves exactly why they are turning a genre of music noted for its musical dexterity, on its ear.