Two Leg'd Deer
CHORUS: Goin huntin' tonight, it's gonna be alright
My woman's been gone 8 long years
Need somebody to hold me tight
Goin huntin' tonight
Don't need those old dogs,
Ain't huntin hogs
I just need a good woman, to hold me tight.

VERSE1: Goin' huntin' tonight, for a two leg'd deer,
Hey bartender could you draw me a beer?
Here she comes, my two leg'd deer
She's one of a kind, I'm gonna loose my mind!

VERSE2: Where did she go? I swear I don't know.
She's in here somewhere, there she is over there
Lord here she comes, I could get me some.
Well go figure, she just bought me a beer!


VERSE3: Brought her back to my place,
What a beautiful face.
Had deer thighs for dinner, she's a trophy winner
Mounted high on my wall, she's nearly 6 feet tall
My two leg'd deer, is a hell of a winner.