I Don't Get The Blues
I Don’t Get The Blues
words and music by Laura Lamun

I woke up today at three
My baby sleeping next to me
Had coffee and wrote a song
Absolutely nothing, nothing went wrong
I don’t have the blues today
Cuz he didn’t go away

He never accuses me
When I come home a little late
When there’s nothing for dinner
But LOVE on the plate
We don’t have to fight
Cuz everything is right
I won’t get the blues tonight
Cuz I know he’ll be in sight

And I’m not even crying
When I sing the blues
Don’t need to drown my sorrows
Because I never lose
And when I’m on the road
He’s on the road, too
We like to stick together
So we don’t get the blues (repeat a lot)

My heart don’t break each evening
When the Moon is shining bright
The deep of night don’t scare me
Cuz he’s always to my right
My days are filled with sunshine
Even when it rains -
I don’t get the blues at all
'Cuz he answers every call.

I don’t get the blues at all
'Cuz he never lets me fall.

NO, I don’t get the blues at all
'Cuz he’s better than them all.

copyright (c)2105 MadLeft Music / BMI