Good News Channel
Good News Channel
words and music by Laura Lamun

Sit back - just close your eyes
Let me broadcast to the wise
It’s not nearly too late - to set this world straight
All you gotta do is make up your mind

See you’ve got a power that can move mountains
Playing good news inside of you both day and night
So - just move the dial - play it for awhile
You’ve got a Good News Channel in you

I know you can do it all, I know you can
I trust you to receive everything you believe
So go on and believe for a little more

It’s true what you say can make the world change
Your very thoughts can light the way
You write the story - Chaos or Glory
Be a Good News Channel today

So turn up the music
So turn up your light
Raise up your voice
While you still got a choice
And let a good message get on through

We’ve all gotta change to make it better
Maybe you’ve got a way to make it right
So dig down deep, see what kind of truth you can speak
While you’re being a Good News Channel every day

So stand up and be counted, make your voice be heard
It’s high time we spread the word
Raise up your voice while you still got a choice
To be a Good News Channel every day

Your very own Good News Channel lights the way
Oh Playin’ on the Good News Channel............

Turn up the music, turn up the light,
And be a Good News Channel -

Day and Night!

copyright (c)2105 MadLeft Music / BMI