I Don't Deserve
I Don't Deserve
Written by John D. Messer, 2010

When I was in this world of sin
hanging out with all the wrong friends
lost and blind as could be ,
the Man from above extended me His love
from shackles of sin He set me free.

Well I was tough as they come, as mean as could be,
thought no one could bring me to my knees,
but suddenly the breath was taken out of me,
and my knees didn't seem like such a bad place to be.

I don't deserve a mansion in glory,
but He built me one anyway
It's waiting there for me, as I cross those golden streets.
and I step inside those pearly gates.

Well I was laid in that bed, through tubes being fed
Not knowing if I would come through
My wife came to me, said Darling speak to me
but Jesus was the only name I knew.