Lunch Box Letter
Lunch Box Letter
written by John D. Messer, 2009

Every night down in that cold dark mine
He sits down to eat his dinner,
and down in the bottom of his old lunch box
every night there's a handwritten letter.

That tells him she loves him so
That she's praying every night while he's digging coal

It's that lunch box letter
sent to him by the one he loves the most
It's that lunch box letter
that lunch box letter that keeps him driving on.

Then one morning on the local news she hears an awful sound
it's sound of the anchor man talking 'bout the miners trapped underground,
Fifteen men inside the walls of a mountain coming down
Fourteen men accounted for, but one they haven't found.

Well the rescue searched eight days and nights for the miner that was lost
but they know how hard it would be to live trapped inside these walls,
But just up ahead as they break through a pile of broken and fallen down rock
there lays a man on his back beside his old lunch box.

Standing outside the entrance as they carry her husband out
a man with stripes headed her way with his head hanging down,
I can't tell you how sorry I am, you're husband didn't make it through
O but just inside this old lunch box, there's a letter written to you.

And he tell's her he loves her so.
and this would be his last night of digging coal

That lunch box letter
sent to her by the one she loved the most
It's that lunch box letter
that lunch box letter that keeps her moving on