Coal Miner's Prayer
Coal Miners Prayer
Written by J.D. Messer, 2013

He worked hard in the coal mine
He did what they asked him to all of the time
He took care of his family, but believe in God he did not,
Said he didn't need Him anyway, he earned what he got.

He got a call in the mines one day.
they took your wife to the hospital, the baby's on the way
when he walked through the door the doc said
there's nothing we can do
the babys too premature, and your wife hasn't came to.

He fell down in the waiting room,
He cryed out O Lord I don't know how to pray to you
I'm just an old coal miner that don't know what to do
Spare my wife and child, I'll live my life for you.

Well the doc came running down the hall
Can't believe what he just saw
the needle on the screen began to move
and the baby boy's doing just fine
you're wife came back just in time
looks like the One above is listening to you.

That was twenty eight years ago today
my daddy fell down on his knees in a waiting room to pray
If you see him today he's still doing the same
ending every prayer in Jesus name.

It's that old coal miners prayer, in Jesus name.