When Mama Talks To The Man
When Mama Talks to the Man
written by John D. Messer, 2012

He sits all alone in a trailer he rents
hooked on the pills, and whiskey bent
he goes to the backroom puts a pistol to his head
says if this is what life is, I'd rather be dead.

Across town at an altar, momma's down on her knees
praying to the good Lord, help my son please
and please take his life into your hands
and across town in the trailer, the pistol was jammed.

It's amazing what Mama's can do when they pray
for their children to make it through one more day
and sometimes life don't go as we plan
but miracles can happen when mama talks to the man.

Well he looked at the pistol he holds in his hand
and he crys out to the good Lord, I don't understand
why wouldn't you let me take my own life?
see's the book on the dresser, King James on the side.