written by Misty Williams, copyright John D. Messer, 2005

In Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream
God asked Solomon what shall I give thee?
I want a wise and understanding heart like no one's ever had
so that I can judge these people and know good from bad.

God was so pleased at Solomons's request
because of his unselfeshness he was surely blessed
riches and honor I've also given thee
and as long as you live there will be no greater king.

Solomon O Solomon for what you asked of me
I will give you wisdom like no one's ever seen
there never has or never will be no other another man
to have the wisdom of old King Solomon.

When Solomon awoke God put his wisdom to the test
two women had a baby one was living one was dead
they both claimed the living child was the one that they had bore
Solomon then said bring me a sword

I'll divide the living child and each can have a half
One woman cryed O Lord please no, the other said go ahead
give the child to the mother that didn't want this baby dead
that's a true mother's love King Solomon said.