I Know (Marie's Song)
Thinking of the past knew it wouldn't last
Time is moving a little too fast
I know
Sharing our love like a light from above
You were always the one I could only think of
I Know

(Chorus) And I am not going to cry
I'll never do better than you don't say goodbye
I'll never love anyone better than you don't say goodbye

Heard your voice on the phone knew you were alone
So I caught the next plane and I headed for home
I know
Doctors in & out they didn't have any doubt
This can't be true what's this all about
I know


As I hold your hand this was never the plan
It is not your time I just can't understand
I know
Our hearts are strong this is where you belong
This time we'll prove to God he's wrong
I Know...


Copyright 2015 B Neck Publishing BMI