You Keep Me Fallin' For You
You Keep Me Fallin' For You

Have you heard the news bout Bill & Sue
She caught him runnin' around
Yea I know the deal of Hank & Lucille
Honey thats all over town

We knew them so well I guess you can't ever tell
Why two people fall out of love
Now its easy to see the way you're lookin' at me
You might be wondering about us

Well Darlin' close your eyes and hold me tight
Tell me how can I fall for somebody new
When you keep me fallin for you

If its not your smile thats drivin me wild
Its the sweet things you whisper to me
Your gentle touch is still quite enough
To make me feel weak in the knees

So being thankful and true well thats easy to do
I've never been more satisfied
I'm staying right where I am in the palm of your hand
Don't you worry bout this heart of mine

Repeat Chorus