For The Love of Me
For The Love Of Me by J. K. Coltrain

First Verse

She says she loves me but I don't know why
What is it in me that she sees
All I have to offer to her is my love
She says that's her only need
Sometimes I can't give her what money can buy
She says that's OK, I thank God that you're mine


For the love of me, I'll never know
How a woman like her, could love me so
As hard as I try, I'll never know why
She does what she does
No I can't believe
For the love of me

Second Verse

Whenever I feel like I need a friend
She's always there by my side
I could not ask for anything more
She's gentle, she's loving, she's kind
The things that she does well they amaze me
To this very day I still can't believe

Repeat Chorus