I Play
I Play by J.K. Coltrain

Sometimes I grab that old 6 string
Play some chords and try to sing
to a crowd or just to myself.
I've stood under neon lights
watched the morning into night
tasted whiskey that came straight from hell

It don't matter where I am or if anyone is listening
I find comfort with this guitar in my hand

( I Play)
And I play cause that's what I love doing
I play as long as I can do it
No I don't care the time or the place
The world is my stage, I play.

I have had my loves in life
Some were wrong and some were right
But there's nothing like a perfect melody
Its never left me all alone
If I'm by myself or holdin' on
To someone that I think is meant for me

Yeah there is something in a song that always lives on
Even when you're long gone