Western Kentucky Parkway
Western KY Parkway Mike McGuire okolona music BMI

The Western Kentucky Parkway was built in 63
the Governor came down from Frankfort,cut a ribbon
and gave a speech

I want to thank the folks of Kentucky
for building this real fine road
and to show our appreciation
were going to charge everbody a toll

The western kentucky parkway,is a long
and lonely road,but if your'e going up
to Louisville it's the road that'll take you home

Now the western Kentucky parkway will take you
down to Muehlenberg county,by the old Green River
where the Everlys used to play

and the western kentucky parkway is near the home of
Bill Monroe,sure he liked the parkway,but hated to pay the toll.

Now there's never been a trucker ever fallen asleep
driving on the WK,cause the road is so damn rough
it keeps the good ole boys awake

the Western Kentucky Parkway is a long and lonely
road,but if you're going up to Louisville it's the road
that will take you home,