back to bakersfield
Back to Bakersfield
Michael R McGuire Okolona Music Publishing BMI
I'm moving out of L.A.,Trade my Prius,for a Chevrolet
i'm headed home,where the smile's are real
li'm going 'Back to Bakersfield

Sunset Strip,405,aint no way,to spend your life
i'm gonna walk thru the carrot fields
when i get 'Back to Bakersfield

oh Kern River,i see you rolling,
in the early morning Tule Fog
Folks will shake your hand
just to make a deal,
i'm going 'Back to Bakersfield'

A 100 miles from Lipstick City
you can't find a Gucci Shop
hear that twang,as big as Texas
and the sun is Houston Hot
repeat chorus