Higher Ground
Higher Ground

There’s a star shining over Jordan

Looks like we’re going to fall to fortune

In ribbons rings and bows
Riding on a light so clean and fine

It’s going to change some things around here I know

Ever since last October
I been thinking the whole thing over

And I’m feeling fairly sure

That we’ve got someone on the inside now babe

I think they’re going to show us how they

Transcend all that’s pure

Oh look here what we found

Higher ground

Full moon and the rivers flowing

Pretty soon the roosters crowing

Better open up the door

Catch me in a dream I don’t care

I want to hold the world to my share

And ask for a little more

I believe we can see forever

And all we leave behind together

May be washed away with time

I really want it to mean, to matter

Silver gold wood and leather

And heaven on my mind

Oh look here what we found

Oh look here what we found

Higher ground

Lyrics and Music written by Jeff Black
ⓒⓅ Lotos Nile Music BMI