A Better Way
A Better Way

I think this party's over
looks like everybody's leaving
there's a black car waiting but
I'm walking home this evening
all my friends are wondering
I'm just so god damned happy
sometimes my light shines so bright
you have to turn away

see I told you
I'd find a better way this time
see I told you
don't you ever
underestimate the blind
see I told you
I bet you thought
I'd thrown it all away
It’s alright
**** a bunch of broken hearted bullshit
man I'm just getting started

slipped out the side door stealing
don't mean to get too heavy
I paid the toll I'm on a roll
and I'm on the bridge above the levee
way down deep inside we go
everybody wants to know but
It's you right now
I'm only about a mile away
waiting for the light to change

Lyrics and Music written by Jeff Black
ⓒⓅ Lotos Nile Music BMI