Birmingham Road
Birmingham Road

St. christopher swings from a silver chain 
as he jumps through the dashboard light 
running with the angels in the powertrain 
out here on the edge of the night 

as we pull into the darkness the mad dog bites 
and one bright light cuts through the cold 
the radio plays the same old relays 
and we've got to get young to get old

flying through the fields of my heaven 
where the red haw and the hawthorn grow 
take me back to the beginning 
and meet me down on birmingham road 
take me back to the beginning 
and meet me down on birmingham road

right down to the wire mister we draw the line 
between midnight and the light of the day 
the full moon dies where ulysses cries 
so darkness can have her way

it was the first time that I held her 
the first time that I touched her 
it was the last time that i heard her sing 
out from under the sweet song of surrender 
out from under the wing

she came to me in moving dreams 
sweet visions at the wheel 
I close my eyes to sweet surprise 
oh god please make this real 
I am flying over fields of clover 
high above the trees 
the child as king is everything 
so I do just as I please

dancing with the devil's daughter 
wash my sins away with the wine 
walking on the water 
running for my life 
and when I get down to the garden 
I circle over the stone 
I am falling I am drifting 
I'm losing my direction 
lord I'm coming home

Lyrics and Music written by Jeff Black
Jeff Black Music / Coburn Music BMI