To Be With You
To Be With You

I may be borderline
but all joy is mine
anytime i choose
the last couple of years though
I’ve had my share of tears
and found a lot to lose
but the blues can’t last
too long time moves too fast
and leaves the past behind.
here in my reverie
sweet memories
of what I’ll find

down in my easy chair
I’ve got you there
to pilot me straight through
to show me what it means
through these crazy dreams
to be with you

take a look in here
I have no fear
I’m flying high above
these gridlock street s
where the horizon meets
this timeless love
that I’ve forever known
but only as of late I‘ve sown
I guess what they say is true
we all have a destiny
and the one for me is
to be with you

when the moon is down
and the sky is low
when a little earthquake
shakes a domino