she descends down from the ceiling
with magnolias in her hair
she lights every single candle
in a crystal chandelier
with no more than a whisper
she illuminates the room
and I am bound here by her poison
like a drunk in her saloon

as the apparition
she frightens me to death
as flesh and blood and woman
she takes my every breath
as persephone she's perfect
god have mercy on my soul
I am hollow i am helpless
and I've lost all my control

who am I
that the world would miss
hiding in her sweetest kiss
dying in her careless crush
the taste of salt on her summer blush
I can smell vanilla rain
falling soft on her fields again
write my name
in waters still
and let me
fade away

I can feel her eyes upon me
but there's nothing I can do
I am paralyzed in the silence of
her beautiful remove

and sometimes I get the feeling
when I'm knocking at the door
that with the devil I am dealing
but I keep coming back for more