Wake Up It's Christmas! - Peter Combe
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  • Kangaroo Hop
    Genre: Christmas Novelty
    MP3 (02:31) [5.75 MB]
  • Love & Joy
    Genre: Spiritual
    MP3 (04:10) [9.54 MB]
  • Wake Up it's Christmas
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (03:37) [8.29 MB]
  • Tell Me The Story
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (03:51) [8.81 MB]
  • Happy Christmas To You
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (03:10) [7.25 MB]
  • Baby Lying In A Manger
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (03:02) [6.96 MB]
  • Down in the South Lullaby
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (02:52) [6.57 MB]
  • Good King Wenceslas
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (03:36) [8.25 MB]
  • Miracle
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (05:11) [11.87 MB]
  • Rejoice, Rejoice
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (03:39) [8.35 MB]
  • A Very Silly Christmas Song
    Genre: Christmas Novelty
    MP3 (03:12) [7.32 MB]
  • Reflections
    Genre: Instrumental
    MP3 (02:56) [6.73 MB]
  • Fear Not For I
    Genre: Contemporary Christian
    MP3 (03:49) [8.74 MB]
  • Star Shines Bright
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (02:41) [6.15 MB]
  • Ping
    Genre: Christmas Novelty
    MP3 (02:04) [4.73 MB]
  • So Far Away
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (04:05) [9.34 MB]
  • Wassail
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (02:55) [6.68 MB]
  • No Room
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (03:02) [6.93 MB]
  • Christmas Is Coming (with choir)
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (01:04) [2.45 MB]
  • Christmas Eve
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (02:29) [5.7 MB]
  • Hang Up Your Stocking
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (01:47) [4.09 MB]
  • Ticketty Boo
    Genre: Christmas Novelty
    MP3 (02:51) [6.53 MB]
  • The Wind Is For Blowing
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (01:18) [2.99 MB]
  • It's Christmas Again
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (03:28) [7.95 MB]
  • Christmas Day Has Come Again
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (02:21) [5.37 MB]
  • Wake Up Sleepyhead
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (02:30) [5.72 MB]
  • Christmas Child
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (03:22) [7.71 MB]
  • O Little One
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (03:09) [7.2 MB]
  • Ceasar's Decree Song
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (02:20) [5.34 MB]
  • To You Merry Christmas
    Genre: Christmas
    MP3 (03:10) [7.26 MB]
Christmas CD is brilliant ~ Glen Reid, Music Specialist/Linden Park Primary School ~

Australia's Original King of the Kids.

Peter's 30th Anniversary Year!

2013 is Peter Combe's 30th year as a professional children's singer songwriter. Often referred to as the 'Paul Kelly of children's song writers', he has captured the imagination of both young and old Australians for a generation with his funny, inspirational and irresistibly catchy songs for children. He now has 3 generations of audiences and is currently experiencing a major career resurgence evidenced by a 9 concert, sell out 2012 season at the Adelaide Fringe, 2nd biggest Fringe in the world after Edinburgh - 2750 tickets were sold. The audiences consisted of young children plus their parents who grew up on his songs in the late 80's and early 90's! Like a good recipe, his music is being passed down to today's children. And with over a million album and DVD sales to date, Peter’s passion for performing, writing and recording quality new music for children is as strong as ever.

Imagine an audience of 2000 young adults aged 20 something at a university (or 500 at a pub) at 10pm on a Saturday night each with a beer in his or her hand ROARING out the lyrics to Wash Your Face in Orange Juice, Newspaper Mama, Toffee Apple, Spaghetti Bolognaise and Juicy Juicy Green Grass – the Peter Combe kids hits from ABC TV in the late 80s when these same 2000 young adults were about 4 years old. It is a new phenomenon – young adults at the pub reliving their childhood by singing the songs they grew up on - well before the Wiggles came on the scene. In the late 80s and early 90s Peter Combe was King of the Kids. When you see one of these shows you will see why to these young adults think he is still King of the Kids.

Wake Up Its Christmas
1. Wake Up Its Christmas 3:38
2. No Room 3:02
3. Kangaroo Hop 2:31
4. Christmas Day Has Come Again 2:21
5. Ticketty Boo 2:51
6. Miracle 5:12
7. A Very Silly Christmas Song 3:12
8. Wake Up Sleepyhead 2:30
9. Father Christmas and Dave :27
10. So Far Away 4:05
11. The Wind is for Blowing 1:18
12. Wassail 2:55
13. Down in the South Lullaby 2:52
14. Good King Wenceslas 3:37
15. Its Christmas Again 3:28
16. Reflections 2:56

Peter Combes Christmas Album
1. Happy Christmas To You 2:37
2. Christmas Eve 2:25
3. Tell Me The Story 3:48
4. Star Shines Bright 2:37
5. Baby Lying In A Manger 2:59
6. Chock-a-Block (The Innkeepers Song) 1:29
7. Rejoice, Rejoice 3:34
8. Hang Up Your Stocking 1:44
9. Christmas Is Coming 1:01
10. To You Merry Christmas 3:07
11. Love and Joy 4:02
12. Caesar's Decree Song 2:17
13. Ping 2:01
14. Fear Not For I 3:45
15. O Little One 3:03
16. Christmas Child 3:19
17. Christmas Is Coming (with choir) 1:01

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