Walk In Chinese Footsteps
A song Wily Bo Walker wrote whilst jamming with friend and collaborator guitar player E D Brayshaw.

This arrangement was enhanced by Danny Flam's New York Brass as well as the backing vocal talents of Kareña K.

This is the full album version complete with the Tibetan monks' throat singing intro!

This song is dedicated to Benjy King who played Hammond on a number of tracks on ‘Moon Over Indigo’. A truly wonderful and inspired musician.

Sadly, Benjy died in a tragic accident in September 2012

Wily Bo Walker - Lead Vocals / Sound FX

Danny Flam & New York Brass - Brass Section
Ruslan Agababayev - Keyboards
Benjy King - Hammond
Keith Mack - Guitars
Tom Welsch - Bass
Eran Asias - Drums
Kareña K - Backing Vocals

Produced by Wily Bo Walker

Arranged by Danny Flam & Wily Bo Walker
Backing Vocal Arrangements by Kareña K

Recorded at:
Brown Sugar Studios
Engineer: Blue Tha Engineer
New York / NewYorkBrass.com Studios, West Hempstead, NY
Engineer: Danny Flam
Wily Bo Studios, London, UK
Engineer: Wily Bo Walker

Mastered at: Abbey Road Studios, London, UK

Said of this track:

"Nasty **** groove, love it!" Dennis Holseybrook - Songsmiths Music Motel

“When you guys break here you will have an album of hits! Freakin' epic!" B Noel Barr - Lunch at the Barr

"This song rocks my pants off!" T C Keith - Mom & Pop Shop, Dreamstream Radio

"Can't wait for the album. Brilliant!" DJ Yorkie - The Tuesday Temptress Radio Show