Long Way to Heaven (Chicago Gospel Mix) - [feat. The Brown Sisters of Chicago]
This version is a new gospel recording of 'Long Way To Heaven' and features The Brown Sisters of Chicago and their wonderful gospel voices, Danny Flam's New York Brass, Cenovia Cummins' String Quartet and a stirring sax solo by Ron Bertolet.

Long Way To Heaven has been a staple track in the Wily Bo Walker repertoire for over a decade now - it works as a simple singer/songwriter 'one man and a guitar' version as well as in these huge 'Spector-esque' productions.

Wily Bo Walker - Lead Vocals

The Brown Sisters of Chicago (featuring):
Adrienne Brown - Vocals
Andrea Brown - Vocals
Vanessa Brown-Dukes - Vocals

Daniel Flam - Trombones & Backing Vocal
Eran Asias - Drums and Percussion
Tom Welsch - Electric Bass
Benjy King - Keyboards
Keith Mack - Guitars
Tony Gorruso, Michael McGovern, Kenny Rampton - Trumpets
Ron Bertolet, Mark Gatz - Saxophones

Sax Solo - Ron Bertolet

The Cenovia Cummins String Quartet:

Cenovia Cummins - Violin
Louise Owen - Violin
Alissa Smith - Viola
Laura Bontrager - Cello

Produced by Wily Bo Walker

Mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios, London

Arranged by Danny Flam

Engineering: Roger Heiss, Daniel Flam, Blue Tha Engineer, Wily Bo Walker

Recorded at:

Tone Zone Studios, Chicago
Brown Sugar Studios, New York
Newyorkbrass.com Studios, West Hempstead, NY
Wily Bo Studios, London, UK

Wily Bo Walker photo courtesy of John Bull at Rockrpix http://rockrpix.com