What You Gonna Do (Under the Blood of a Full Red Moon)
Once Upon a Time… Welcome to VoodooVille!' is the first album in a collection of tales and drunken fables from Wily Bo Walker

'What You Gonna Do (Under the Blood of a Full Red Moon' is the first track in the series and sets the scene for the tales to unravel…

Wily Bo Walker - Lead Vocals
E D Brayshaw - Resonator, Acoustic, Electric and Lead Guitars
Grant Sellers - Kick Drum, Military Snare, Anvil and Percussion
Bobby Youngblood - Bass
John McGowan - Shaker
'Coyote & Chainsaw' - Backing Vocals

Recorded on 2" 24Track Tape* - Engineer: John McGowan

Produced by Wily Bo Walker

'Coyote & Chainsaw' appear courtesy of H G Wells & Core Records

*Analog Sounds in a Digital Age…

Artwork ©2016 Wily Bo Walker All Rights Reserved
'Wily Bo' photo ©2016 Haydn Hart. All Rights Reserved