My Faith Keeps Me Warm
My Faith Keeps Me Warm, by D.B.M.

All I see - Life's reflection
All I hear is, how I'm wrong
I don't seem to pass inspection
Where do I belong, the storm before the calm

So lift the curtain and show me why
Too much for granted, that we take in stride
My faith is my blanket, my shelter, my form
It's my fortress from the coming storm
No matter what life has coming my way
It's my faith that keeps me warm, to this day

One step forward, six steps back
Life has gone from red to black
Reborn, I can breathe the air
It's my soul, I bare, in the offering of my prayer

(Repeat Chorus)

As for me, I call upon the lord
And he will hear me
Undying faith, my personal stake
And the lord, will save me

(Vamp Chorus)
Lift the curtain, and show me why
My faith is my blanket - my shelter, my form
It's your love that keeps me warm
It's my faith that keeps me warm
I reach out for you lord