Heaven's Yard

Heaven's Yard

I was lost, till I was found
I was on my way to be drowned
But he just washed my sins away

Told me things I had to hear
So much of what he said
Made my face so wet with tears

The grass is always greener
And life is so much sweeter
If it's all the same to you
I think I'll stay in heaven's yard
As I run to your embrace
Of my sin there is no trace
There is nothing due
I've longed to be here in heaven's yard, with you

You're my leader and my guide
Through my long journey, I wont deny
Nor fumble as I try

You were there, my sight grew dim
Not able to see, the world of sin
That had encompassed me

I was screamin' to get out
Thought I was too proud
To open my eyes, and really see

(Repeat Chorus)
With you, I finally see
In heaven's yard, is where I want to be
Hallelujah, hallelujah

(Repeat Chorus)