Confident, by D.B.M.

There is, and therefore now
No condemnation for those in Jesus Christ
For what the law could not do
Weak as it was, through the flesh
God sent his only son, as an offering
Don't play it safe...

Confident, we are God's children
Confident, in all good things
The Holy Spirit speaks for me
When I cannot find the words, to sing
Confident, in our God's love
Lifts me up, I rise above
Shows his mercy meant for me
And his love for all to see
He is confident, in me...

Trust, in the lord and do good
Dwell in the land and cultivate your true faith
Delight yourself, in the lord
And he wants to give you, all the desires of your heart
Right from the start...

(Repeat Chorus)

The wicked plots against the righteous
Gnashes at him with his teeth
The Lord just laughs at him
For he see's his day is coming
That's why I'm...

(Repeat Chorus)