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It's just the truth. When we were younger we thought recovery was something "those people" needed to do...... certainly not us. In fact, more often than not, a part of us took a certain amount of pride in the fact that whatever we were going through we weren't as bad as "them". Then we grew up, lived a few decades and discovered we're all in the same boat. We're all facing some sort of affliction or addiction that has shaken our world, or the world of someone we love, and the only way "our is "through". This album is for those of us on the road to recovery.

In the spirit of full disclosure, we're songwriters who've been around a while and grew up believing in the power of music to change lives. It isn't arrogance that wrote these songs, our egos aren't that big. We're not pretending this collection of tunes will be all anyone needs to recover from whatever has broken in their lives and needs repair. We've learned that often the songs that “trigger” substance abuse (or any other addictive behavior) are easy to identify, though not always that easy to set aside. Unfortunately, upon re-entering. the world outside the clinic there isn't a readily available "soundtrack to recovery” to help trigger the hope, the courage, the endurance or the faith to make it through the next few moments, hours, days or years. Everything we've written and recorded here has been done with the hope that this album might be part of your soundtrack to recovery.

If the album SOUNDTRAX 2 RECOVERY does what we hope it can do and reaches beyond musical entertainment and dares to lay claim to being inspirational, something may happen to you that has happened to us. As we’ve listened back to these recordings we've been working on for all these years, various names pop into our heads; the names of friends and family that might be ready to hear these songs. If that happens to you, we’d like to make it easier for you to get a few extra copies of the CD to pass along when you feel the moment is right. Let us know how many copies you think you’d like to share and we'll send them to you regardless of the size of donation you can afford to make. We'd like to become your partners in reaching out to those on the journey to recovery. This is our way of joining with you to "musically pay it forward" and maybe, just maybe, enriching someone's life for good.

John Batdorf & Michael McLean

Batdorf Bio

John Batdorf was born in Springfield, OH on March 26, 1952 and musically it all came together for him in the '60s when he saw the Beatles. He knew at that moment that music was what he was meant to do. Self-taught, except for a year of sight-singing courses in 1983 at the Dick Grove School of Music, his earliest musical influences were his dad and uncle, but it was the British Invasion that he says "changed everything for me."

His father, Jack Batdorf, was a musician and young John performed with him in clubs from around the age of five singing material like "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Hound Dog," a natural part of his upbringing which led to him being in bands all his life.

At the age of 15 his group, the Luv'd Ones, opened for the Young Rascals in Los Angeles. He met eventual music partner Mark Rodney in Las Vegas in the summer of 1970 while performing at a coffee house on the University of Las Vegas (UNLV) campus called The Kitchen. The duo, Batdorf & Rodney, got their deal auditioning live for Ahmet Ertegen at the Beverly Hills Hotel in December of 1970. Atlantic Records signed them the next day. There was never a tape demo; Batdorf & Rodney were signed on the strength of their ability to perform and write songs.

They recorded three albums starting with 1971's Off the Shelf on Atlantic followed by 1972's self-titled Batdorf & Rodney on Asylum. In 1973 Batdorf sang vocals on Dave Mason's It's Like You Never Left while the duo recorded Life Is You that same year while switching label affiliation to Arista. After that album had a minor hit with Jim Weatherly's "You Are a Song" the duo recorded a 45 version of the tune "Somewhere in the Night" produced by Clive Davis. It would be their highest charting single despite getting caught up in a political battle with a version by Helen Reddy. That war of the 45s hurt both Reddy and Batdorf & Rodney's releases, but the situation did open the door for Barry Manilow to have a hit with the same song. It also may have been the final straw as "Somewhere in the Night" failed to make it onto an album and the team of Batdorf & Rodney disbanded.

Batdorf joined Arista band Silver, which had a minor hit in 1976 with "Wham Bam." Simultaneously, the singer's vocals got a lot of session work with acts like Eric Andersen, Berlin, Rod Stewart, Donna Summer, David Lee Roth, Harry Connick, Jr., Michael McLean and many others. He also released a solo single, "Be My Baby," a cover of the Ronettes classic in 1982 on 20th Century Fox Records.

A staff songwriter in the '80s composing tunes for Kim Carnes, America,England Dan and others, as well as being a studio singer on tons of jingles, movies and TV shows, few people know that John Batdorf and Max Gronenthal are the backing vocalists on Mötley Crüe's 1985 sessions for Theatre of Pain. The band didn't want anyone to know that someone else sang the background vocals, but Batdorf and Gronenthal sang on every cut and were listed on the album credits in the "Special Thanks" section. And beyond Mötley Crüe, the main titles to TV shows like Tom and Jerry Kids, Garfield and Friends, Promised Land and Doctor, Doctor feature the voice of Batdorf.

By 1996, Batdorf became the music composer for the CBS drama Promised Land starring Gerald McRaney. It lasted three seasons and when it was canceled, Batdorf went on to work on Touched by an Angel" for four years as alternate composer. He wrote 90-percent of all the source music until it was canceled in 2003. In 1997 he formed Batdorf & McLean with the aforementioned Michael McLean, with whom he'd with earlier as arranger and vocalist, and they released an album, Don't You Know, one of four CDs the pair recorded.

In 2002 Batdorf composed the entire musical score to PAX TV's Book of Days film which aired in 2003. With James Lee Stanley he recorded All Wood and Stones, which offered a different perspective on the music of the Rolling Stones, and then his first solo E.P. In 2006 he released the solo album Home Again, which actually reunited him with Mark Rodney on some of the tracks and features many Batdorf & McLean compositions. John Batdorf, a man fortunate to be recorded by both Ahmet Ertegun and Clive Davis in the '70s, continues his soundtrack and session work along with writing and releasing more of his unique original compositions.

His webpage is

Batdorf and Rodney "Off The Shelf" 1971
Batdorf and Rodney "Batdorf and Rodney" 1972
Batdorf and Rodney "Life Is You" 1975
Silver "Silver" 1976
Batdorf and McLean "Look Inside" 1992
Batdorf and McLean "Don't You Know" 1997
Batdorf and Stanley "All Wood and Stones" 2005
John Batdorf "Side One" EP 2005
John Batdorf "Home Again" 2007
John Batdorf and Mark Rodney "Still Burnin'" 2008
John Batdorf "Old Man Dreamin'" 11 June 2009
John Batdorf "One Last Wish" October 4, 2011
John Batdorf and James Lee Stanley "All Wood and Stones II" May 2013
John Batdorf and Michael McLean "Soundtrax 2 Recovery" Oct. 2013
Batdorf and Rodney "Portfolio" Dec. 2013

McLean Bio

For 25 years Michael McLean has been changing lives with his tender songs and candid messages. He has shared the “hard stories” — those from his own life and those of others — and has sung us all the way to light at the end of the tunnel. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that for every person, twist, or turn along life’s path, Michael McLean has the perfect song.
McLean released his debut album, You’re Not Alone, in 1983 and with every song that followed, his lyrics filled voids, encouraged love, and offered hope. Now, more than 25 albums later, his musical legacy has not only resonated in the hearts of thousands, but continues to be a standard for those seeking meaning and peace.

To celebrate this exciting anniversary, McLean released a boxed set of six albums in 2008. The definitive collection, 25, is filled with his most beloved songs from the last 25 years, many of which were out-of-print, as well as a handful of brand-new songs on each album.

With a background in film, McLean began early in his career making commercials for radio and television, receiving numerous national and international awards for advertising. Such awards included the prestigious Clio Award, National Addy Award, New York Ad Club’s Andy Award, two National Emmy Finalists Awards, and the Bronze Lion at the Cannes Film Festival. He later used his film experience to produce and direct several films including, Together Forever, The Prodigal Son, and Mr. Krueger’s Christmas starring film legend Jimmy Stewart.

Ever the engaging performer and master storyteller, McLean has shared his beloved Christmas musical, The Forgotten Carols, with more than a half-million people across the country since 2001. With humor and heart, “The Carols” has become a beloved tradition for thousands of families who mark the beginning of their holiday season with this magical musical.

Celebrating the Light, another of McLean’s musicals, ran for five seasons at the Promised Valley Playhouse in Salt Lake City and The Garden, an allegorical oratorio written with Merrill Jenson and Bryce Neubert, opened in Jerusalem and has been performed across the country as well as in France, South America, and Russia. His popular sea-faring musical The Ark enjoyed a New York City debut in 2005.

In addition to his music and films, McLean has also authored four books with accompanying CDs – Distant Serenade, Hold on the Light Will Come: And Other Lessons My Songs Have Taught Me, The Forgotten Carols, and most recently, From God’s Arms to My Arms to Yours.

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