A Prayer Of Thanks
A Prayer of Thanks

I’d like to take this opportunity
To thank the Lord above
For all the blessings I have received
My home, my wife, my job
And the child who still looks at me
With love inside his eyes
Even though I’m not there at times
To tuck him in at night

There was a time no long ago
When everything was dark
When the light the shines so brightly now
Was just a single spark
But you never turned your back on me
You let me down with ease
You helped me seek the place in life
Where I don’t wan to be

You gave me one more second chance
And the strength to see it through
You showed me the alternatives
Then brought me back to you
Like a phoenix from the ashes
Rising up again once more
But I am flying higher now
Thank I ever did before

So if it’s in your wishes
To bring me down again
Lover me down gently Lord
Inside your loving hands
And free me from insanity
When all I know is gone
For blessed are the ones in life
Who find their way back home