I'm Going Down
I’m Goin’ Down - written by Robb Moss

I’m going down, way deep underground
I’m shying away, no hanging around
But I won’t stop believing you got your reason
When you smiled at me I fell to my knees
Right down on the ground

Like sun on the rise
You warm up the chill of my morning
And there’s no sense denying
That I really love living the dream
You keep pulling me in through my thirst and hunger
Now I’m running through the wind, the rain and thunder
Is there any other reason to wonder
Why I’m going down

I gotta a good feeling growing deep down inside
I see you out walking with me by your side
We’re laughing and talking, oh I’m such a dreamer
Now I see in your eye, you’re wondering why
I’m going down

Chorus – solo – chorus – repeat last line