Cross in My Hand
Cross in My Hand - written by Robb Moss

I think I got lucky, a few years ago

When I wrote a song that played on the radio

I heard someone bought it; there was money to burn

I guess I should be thankful for the lessons we learn

A moon over Austin, and I’m buskin’ the streets

Cracks in the sidewalk are hurting my feet

But I gotta keep movin’ to the rhythm and blues

I could use one more dollar and a new pair of shoes

Chorus: Oh, I still remember those days come and gone

When Cadillac cowboys were singing my song

A song about courage like Custer’s last stand

And a half-empty bottle and a cross in my hand

I wandered on down to the bridge with the Crier

Met up with Vandy, shared a beer by the fire

Now Pancho and Lefty is a song of reprise

And what I heard Vandy singing brought me down on my knees


I slept through the night to the light of the moon

Feelin’ real hungry when the sun hit high noon

Now all that I care is what a new day will bring

And this ol’ guitar and a song I can sing

Chorus, repeat last night