Light of the Delta Moon
Written by: Robb Moss

Light of the Delta Moon

Heading to Louisiana, see that gal of mine
Born and raised on the Pontchartrain near the Mississippi shoreline
When wheels touch down on Cajun ground she’ll be waiting there for me
Sittin back with a cuppa jack by the shade of a maple tree

Now it’s 1-2-3-4, shut that door
I need a little time with this gal of mine before it’s time to go
And it’s 5-6-7, Cajun Heaven
She’s so fine, my divine light of the delta moon

I love the bayou, jambalaya, crawfish pie’o too
But what I miss is a Cajun kiss from my sweet Marie-Lou
And it won’t be long till we head on down to Bubba’s Blues café
Razzle, dazzle, all that jazz, we’ll dance the night away

Chorus - solo

Well it’s time to go, I’m heading north, Dakota winds blow strong
I’ll work a spell on the oil well, won’t be gone too long
And she won’t cry when we say goodbye, been down this road before
And back ‘fore you know it is all I’m hoping for