Wanderlust - written by Robb Moss

Traded my ol’ beamer and a pinstripe New York suit
For an F-150 pickup and a pair of gator boots
Bags are packed, saddled up, going for a ride
Heading out with my babe sitting by my side

She couldn’t be any sweeter, not by a country mile
She’s got the sway and swagger; she’s the number on my dial
A shook up mix of perfect, blend of sugar water
My panhandle deputy is everything they taught her

So hang on, hold on, a 100 miles an hour
And we don’t care where we’re goin
Leave the devil at the crossroads in a cloud of gravel dust
It’s just me and my babe and wanderlust

We’ll find some mother nature, warm up by the fire
Sip Alberta whiskey and get hard wired
Find a little hoot and holler to the moon
Hit the highway in the morning singing Randy Newman tunes

So I know and she knows, we crossed that line some time ago
So many smiles, so many miles
One more dance, one more song on the radio

Chorus 2x’s, repeat last line