The Way We Run
The Way We Run - written by Robb Moss

We’ve been friends for a long time
Ran the streets when we were young
Found a way to stick together
Wrote the book of songs unsung

Climbed the mountains, sailed the seas
Rode the horses, jumped the trains
Fought the wars and fell on desert plains
So the children could be free

Well come my friend; we live to ride again
Say a prayer for the ones we love
And I don’t mind if they don’t understand
‘Cause it’s just the way we run

They say that time will heal the wounds
And memories just drift away
With all the miles burned into my soul
What’s carved in stone is here to stay

I hear the phone, ringing
And it’s their ring I know for sure
Let’s raise a cheer with one more glass of beer
I hear them knocking on my door

Chorus repeat last 2 lines 2x’s and last line