Voodoo Woman
Voodoo Woman - written by Robb Moss

Tired of the feeble mind, life of the mundane
One more day of make believe, is driving me insane
I lay here barely breathing with the candle burning low
I feel the pull and to her world I go

The Queen of the yellow moon, I swear I heard her say
There is no East of Eden, so throw the chains away
She frees the soul from a gris-gris; oh, I love a simple plan
Just flying high with my voodoo woman

Knee deep in mud and grime, nothing left to lose
No matter where we draw the line, we sing the hangman blues
Never knew what I was fighting for, never sure what was to gain
Just riding high on glory, guts and caine


Bridge - solo

I see my painted lady through the misty moon lit night
Smell of her sweet perfume, you could cut it with a knife
She takes my head into her hands, said boy I love the taste
There’s endless time but we got none to waste

Chorus 2X
Repeat last line 2x’s