Lessons of the Heart
Lessons of the Heart - written by Robb Moss

When I look into your eyes you’re a million miles away
Lost to the world around you, like a foggy day
Reaching for your hand to hold’s like an empty city street
Longing for a taste of honey but it’s bittersweet

And all the good intentions, no mountain we could not climb
But we just kept on running, running on and chasing time
And all the trepidation, it splits the world apart
Now all that we hold onto are the lessons of the heart

Time builds walls around you, some might say
Painted windows and night surrounds you and nothing comes your way
We’ve been down, turned around, blinded and refused
But we were born, born for running, born to see it through

Chorus - bridge/solo

It’s not complicated we thought we had so much
But look back over your shoulder at the world left untouched
We still walk together on this short and crazy ride
Watch for foggy weather, and take it in your stride