Light in the Window
There’s a light in the window, which a Mother placed for him. Each night she pulls the curtain, just to look out once again
Her child in sin has wandered, in darkness gone astray
And she prays the light of Heaven, would help him find his way

There’s a light in the Window, A light reminding me
That a (mother)(father)(family)'s praying, to Jesus on their knees. Like that light in the window, shines the light of Calvary.
Calling sinners out of darkness, the beacon’s guiding plea

A Father in the bible saw his own son go away
And in his WAYARD living; miry depths of sin he lay
Repenting, he sought mercy, in forgiveness he would dine
His Father’s love was waiting; as a light from window shine


Calvary’s light is shining, the Cross the window frame
It’s piercing hearts in darkness, convicting souls in shame

It guides the steps of sinners; and takes away the stains
The light of Jesus calling, once touched you’re not the same