A Penny Saved

A penny saved…..is just a penny
A dollar bill …. aint worth much more
So many ways….to get my money
Taxes, fees and bills and the grocery store

Verse 1

Got me a raise … oh what good luck, son
They really care…what happiness
But later on… with all deductions
Cost me more to make a whole lot less


Verse 2
They say to save…for your retirement
Fifteen percent…experts agree
I wonder if… those guys could save it
If they had my bills and they were me

Verse 3
I lost my business…Big tear jerker,
It got real busy… hired some help
Paid all the taxes, and the workers
Not enough was left to pay myself

Verse 4
I went to plan…my end of life here
A decent casket….thought I’d buy
I never got a real straight answer
All I know’s I can’t afford to die