The Emmaus Road

Down the Emmaus road we walked
And talked about the things that brought
Us hope within of what was said
That Jesus was not dead

A stranger asked us by our side
“What things are these” and I replied
How Jesus had been crucified
And some say he’s alive

O foolish hearts slow to believe
What scriptures tell us of the need
That Christ must suffer as was planned
To rescue fallen man

He broke the bread, of life that day
From Moses to the prophets
The price that Christ would pay
How our hearts burned, emotions rent
Words the Stranger spoken
Pierced us deep within


Our journey was near its end
We asked the stranger to come in
And stay with us throughout the night
And head out at first light

The stranger planned to journey on
But we implored stay at our home
So at our table he did dine
And bless the bread and wine

He broke the bread, and lifted high
Thanking God the Father
For his bountiful supply
Then we could see that it was He
As He faded from our vision
His truth our eyes could see

The story doesn’t end right here
For Christ arose to draw man near
And by his Father He awaits
At Heavens pearly gates

The bread of life, was lifted high
And on that cross at Calvary,
The Lamb of God would die
That we might live, who believe in Him